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A particular quote we like is

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

It's a Chinese Proverb, which is odd really seeing as it's in English
Are you an Oscar Wilde fan? Do you know any George W Bushisms?
Do you have a quote you've written or been sent or have read that you'd care to share?
Have you seen a classic piece of graffiti? (We'll publish naughty ones but not filthy ones)
Or what about a funny Church sign...who writes those?
Or your all time favorite ad
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Do you Have a Favorite Quote, Graffiti, Church Sign?

Do you have a favorite quotation, graffiti one liner, advertising slogan etc? We'd love you to share it!

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Naughty Graffiti 
I like this one and I thought I'd send it in to see whether you regard this as "naughty" or "filthy" I see photos can be added and I wish I had taken …

Free Poems of Love Not rated yet
Free Poems of Love is the title because it's a good search term so to justify it I suppose I should provide something to match. I love loving you I …

Purely Belter Not rated yet
Here's a bunch of classic quotes

Happy 40th Birthday Sister! Not rated yet
A good friend needed a fun 40th birthday rhyme for her sister's birthday. She is quite the style icon and honestly still turns men's heads. Here is the …

Pretty Girl Not rated yet
Such a pretty girl with a sad long face, Makes her feel like she’s not in the right place. She does what she’s told, Stands strong and so bold. Hurting …

Thoughts Not rated yet
I lie in bed every night, thinking of ways to tell myself things are alright. I tell myself time to sleep, and yet I still can't get rid of this pain, …

When I'm done Not rated yet
Sick of crying, Tired of trying. Gotta get over you, And when I do, The world may be done, But at least I can say I tried a ton.

Depression Not rated yet
I look at the blood on my arm, The tears on my face, I wipe it all away, thinking it will be okay. -Amanda Kline

Jessica Rabbit , Disney's hottest female animated character in cartoon history!!! Not rated yet
Hey Movie Guys I made a joke in a bar to a couple of pals about Jessica Rabbit and they blanked me...they'd never heard of Jessica Rabbit. Can you believe …

Movie Quotes Not rated yet
Here's a quick fire run down of the 100 best movie quotes, with a twist

Groucho Marx Quotes Not rated yet
I love the speech Groucho makes in Animal Crackers about his time in Africa when uses the classic movie quote about shooting an elephant in his pyjamas. …

Funniest Movie Quotes Not rated yet

Funniest Movie Quotes and the great ones too Not rated yet
Funniest Movie Quotes and Best Movie Quotes starting with the Hundreth and counting down to the best

Amusing Church Sign Not rated yet
This one is funny but not true coz Google can answer everything (Webmaster suspects that M Cutts is not your real name, unless it is you Matt?)

Doritos Advert House Rules Not rated yet
I like this ad

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