Jessica Rabbit , Disney's hottest female animated character in cartoon history!!!

by Jon

The Vampish Jessica Rabbit otherwise known as Mrs Roger Rabbit

The Vampish Jessica Rabbit otherwise known as Mrs Roger Rabbit

Hey Movie Guys
I made a joke in a bar to a couple of pals about Jessica Rabbit and they blanked me...they'd never heard of Jessica Rabbit. Can you believe they've never drooled over this dame
Take a look at the effect she has on Bob Hoskins

One of the guys prides himself on being a movie buff. Looking for support I asked the bartender and he also had never heard of the gorgeous femme fatale Jessica Rabbit. Survey after survey among red blooded guys has put Jessica of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame Numero Uno in the cartoon sex stakes
Curvier than a mountain road and with the peaks to match, Jessica Rabbit is like cartoon Viagra. It's little wonder she laments: "You don't know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do." Nonetheless, the gorgeous torch singer pulls it off, standing by her man until the very end. Honestly, has anyone ever looked hotter playing patty-cake?

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Tex Avery in 1943 produced Red Hot Riding Hood as a curvacious cartoon character and Jessica was based on that and real life Lana Turner in The Postman Always....anyhoo, I'm going on
I hope those two dumbo pals of mine are now suitably humbled and I hope I haven't come across as some sort of cartoon perv

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