Funeral Hymns for Anne

Funeral Hymns for Anne? We'd like your help. Most attenders of the funeral service are not regular church goers so we seek hymns that are known to many people and those that Anne might have picked had we had the foresight and diplomacy to ask her what she would like, once we knew that Anne was, tragically, on borrowed time

Here's one that perhaps reflects Anne's love of country

This one is among the most popular for Funerals

And this one is possibly THE favourite

Here's another. This is Margaret's favourite

And another favourite

Very popular

And how amazing is this

How about Abide with Me

Not to influence you in any way but...
And did those feet...walk.
Anne's did
In shopping malls
...and it's rousing and celibratory

This one is not a hymn and might be chosen for the Crematorium.
It's Anne's Song

Or this

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